Frequently Asked Questions

 Where is Deer Valley Little League?
Deer Valley Little League is located in north Phoenix, AZ and plays it’s games at Park Meadows Elementary school located at 20012 N 35 Ave, Glendale, AZ.

What are the boundaries of Deer Valley Little League?
Please see our Boundaries Page for more information and proof of residency requirements. Your child must live or attend school in this area.

What ages can play in Deer Valley Little League?
Deer Valley Little League accepts children between the ages of 4 through 16. Please see our League Age page for more information on how league age is determined.

What do my registration fees cover?
Registration fees take care of equipment costs and help in offsetting administrative costs. Some of our expenses include:

  1. Field costs - we do not get the use of the school's facilities for free. In fact, we spend about $55,000 each year to be able to use them.
  2. The league pays all costs associated with maintaining the fields. This means whatever they need...from grass seed to striping.
  3. Lights - The league pays about $10,000 in electric bills each year.
  4. Insurance on each and every player.
  5. Web site hosting fees.
  6. No child will be denied the chance to play Little League due to the inability to pay a fee. Sweat equity and scholarships are available.
  7. Umpire fees.
  8. Participation trophies for approximately 300 athletes.
  9. Trash removal.
  10. Year-round storage rental fees for equipment. This includes not only the hundreds of pieces of baseball equipment, but all field equipment as well.
  11. And, of course, re-certification of equipment and replacement of equipment due to loss, theft and non-return of equipment from players and parents, and normal wear and tear costs. This alone runs thousands of dollars each year.

What Divisions does Deer Valley Little League offer?

  • Tee Ball (ages 4 to 6)
  • Coach Pitch (ages 6 to 8)
  • Minors (ages 8 to 11)
  • Majors (ages 10 to 12
  • Juniors (ages 13 to 14)

Please see our Divisions Page for more information on how players are placed into divisions.

What is the practice/game schedule?
The practice schedule will be determined by the Wednesday after registration closes. The game schedule will be determined the week before games start. Your team manager will contact you with the schedule. All practices and games will be weeknights after 5 PM with the occasional game on Saturdays.

Who will be my son or daughters' coach?
YOU!! Every team has designated managers and coaches, but they can't do it all. Parents are expected to reinforce the concepts taught in games and practices. Play catch or take your child to the batting cages regularly and often.

If you would like to be a designated manager/coach on your child's team, fill out either our Manager Application or our Assistant Coach Application and send it to our Manager Coordinator. We are a program run entirely by volunteers and are always looking for knowledgeable, happy volunteers to help us coach. We even provide training for those without experience.

What equipment do I have to buy?
The following items are provided by DVLL:

  1. Uniform (hat and shirt)
  2. All field related equipment (bases, chalk, pitching machine, etc.)
  3. Baseballs
  4. Batting Helmet (shared by team)
  5. Catcher's Gear (shared by team) 

The following items must be purchased by the player: 

  1. Fielder’s glove
  2. Baseball bat (not an absolute requirement since bats can be shared -- make sure bat meets Little League rules and regulations)
  3. Baseball pants, socks, and belt (wait until assigned to a team for color)
  4. Protective cup (boys)
  5. Cleats (non-metal for 12 & under) 

The following items are not required, but are recommended purchases by the player: 

  1. Batting helmet (helps prevent the spread of lice)
  2. 1-2 pair of practice baseball pants
  3. 1-2 Baseballs
  4. Batting gloves

What is the difference between Spring Ball and Fall Ball?
Spring Ball is held from approximately February through May and is our competitive league. During Spring Ball, there are try-outs, trophies, pictures, tournaments and a lot of kids. All Stars follows Spring Ball from June to July. 
Fall Ball is from September through November and is an instructional league that is more relaxed. There are no try-outs for teams and is more of a recreational season. This season also allows players who are ready to move up to a higher division to get a feel for it in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Does my player have to tryout?
Yes, if it is for the Spring season and they are in the Minors or Majors divisions. 

What is the draft and how does it work? (Spring Only)
The draft process is a method in which the managers select their teams. There are specific rules mandated by Little League International that we must follow as part of our charter. During a division draft, each manager is given a list of eligible players from which to select. Selection is made in a "serpentine process" where Manager #1 picks a player, then Manager #2 and so on until the last manager has picked a player. This ends a "draft round" and the process reverses, with the last manager starting the next round. This continues until all teams have selected a pre-determined amount of players.

Will we be using Diamondbacks uniforms?
Yes, we will participate in the Diamondbacks Youth Jersey program in the Spring. For Fall Ball we will use Deer Valley Little League uniforms. Deer Valley Little League will provide a T-shirt and a baseball cap. Pants, socks, and belts are the parents’ responsibility. Once teams are formed managers will let you know what color needs to be purchased for those items.

What is the All Star Team?
In order to be eligible for an All-star team each player must have attended DVLL tryouts at the start of the season. Then they must complete 60% of the regular season games. Each player may fill out the All Star form to be eligible if they have met the requirements. After all the applicants are gathered, the managers will select his/her team. The league will start at district tournament play and certain age levels will go on if we win to play in State, Regional and National tournaments. The games and practices run approximately an additional 1-2 months into the summer. This is a HIGHLY competitive time of year and 100% participation is highly recommended.

Where are practices held?
Before the season starts, most practices are scheduled by DVLL and are held at Park Meadows Elementary School. During the season, field availability is limited and Managers and Coaches may secure practice fields at other locations. Practice schedules will be sent out after teams are formed.

Can I request a coach or for my child to play with a friend?
In the Fall season we attempt to accommodate requests in all divisions, but cannot make any guarantees.  During the Spring season, in the Minors and Majors divisions your child is drafted and requests are not taken.  In Tee Ball and Coach Pitch we will try to accommodate requests, but cannot make any guarantees. 

Can siblings play on the same team?
Yes, it is allowed. In certain situations, for example with Minors and Majors where a draft is involved, it cannot be guaranteed.

How do I help/volunteer with Deer Valley Little League? What volunteer opportunities are there?
There are several areas you can help/volunteer within Deer Valley Little League; anywhere from helping out on your child’s team to behind the scenes duties like helping in the Snack Shack, or being a Board Member. One of the most important roles where we really need help is umpiring. The Umpire is an important part of Little League Baseball, aside from calling balls or strikes, safe or out, umpires are responsible for teaching players good sportsmanship and the rules of the game.
Your child’s team has several areas to help such as score keeping, recording of pitch count, field maintenance, team administration (Business Manager), and others. We also have opportunities for event related activities like Opening Day. Just ask your manager how you can help. Per Little League International a background check is also necessary, for the protection of our children.  Please fill out our Volunteer Application or send an email to our Manager Coordinator.

What if I want to manage or coach?
We are always looking for managers and coaches! (The manager is the head coach, all other coaches are assistants). If you are interested, please complete either our Manager Application or our Assistant Coach Application and send it to our Manager Coordinator. Per Little League International a background check is also necessary. Managing has added benefits in that you can dictate your practice times. Please note that coaching is a big commitment and a responsibility to work within the guidelines of Little League’s value system. There is no seniority, and coaches must reapply each season.

Why do I have to provide proof of my address at registration?
Little Leagues are broken up into boundaries and districts. To ensure that play is fair and all the better players don’t join one district they have created boundaries. During All-Stars we begin to play against other teams within and outside of our district.

Can my child play Club Ball while playing Little League?
Yes, many of the players like to play both.

Tee Ball and Coach Pitch Refund Policy

  • Player drops before the end of registration: Full Refund (minus $3.00 processing fee)
  • Player drops prior to the start of practices: 50% Refund (minus $3.00 processing fee)
  • Player drops prior to the first game: 25% Refund (minus $3.00 processing fee)
  • Player drops after the first game: No Refund


Minors and above Refund Policy

  • Player drops before the end of registration: Full Refund (minus $3.00 processing fee)
  • Player drops after tryouts but before the draft: 50% Refund (minus $3.00 processing fee)
  • Player drops after the draft: No Refund

Do you offer softball?

Yes! Please visit our registration page to view the available programs. 

What is your address?
PO Box 11120 
Glendale, Arizona 85318-1120

What is your email address?
For General Information you can send email to [email protected]
Please visit our Board of Directors page for all other board members' email addresses.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes! Please like our page at

Who runs Deer Valley Little League?
Deer Valley Little League relies on a devoted legion of adult volunteers to help ensure that the organization remains structured and runs smoothly. Please visit our Board of Directors page for the names and email address of our board members.


Little League International is an organization designed to build good citizens. It is a program of leadership, preparing today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders. We are always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate Little League events and activities. If you think you can help – no matter how much or little, please let us know!

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