Board Members

Please see below for the members of the 2021-2022 DVLL Board of Directors.  Please click on the person's title to email them directly. 


Angelia Harbison
Responsible for all operations of the league

Vice President

Thomas Bowling
Assists President in league operations. 

Information Officer / Equipment Manager

Thomas Bowling 
Responsible for league communications to parents and maintaining the league’s website and registration.

Responsible for league equipment. 


Darrell Floyd
Responsible for league finances

Umpire In Chief

Responsible for scheduling umpires, training of umpires and issues with umpires


Marilena Hughes
Responsible for taking and maintaining minutes at Board meetings

Safety Officer 

Carol Lovato
Responsible for the safety of the facility  

Player Agent 

Ken Harbison
Responsible for evaluating player placement in appropriate divisions.

Manager Coordinator 

Chris Harbison
Responsible for coordinating managers and coaches and handling issues with both.

Sponsorship Coordinators

Nadine Keaulii (Upper Divisions) & Lori Cleverly (Lower Divisions)

Responsible for collecting required team sponsorship from managers as well as reaching out to the community to seek donations and sponsors

Volunteer Coordinator/Snack Shack Coordinator

Carol Lovato/Tiffany Floyd
Responsible for organizing volunteer assignments
Responsible for Snack Shack

Field Maintenance


In charge of field maintenance, scheduling, and major equipment.

Board Members at Large

Tristan Thompson
Bryan Cacchiotti
Steve Lovato


Local Sponsors