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Sep, 2023

Weather Procedures

We wanted to take this time to highlight procedures should there be a field closure due to rain, lightening or other issues.

If a field closure should happen BEFORE games/practices:

- emails will go out site wide to each email that has registered for the season
- Facebook will be updated
- Calendar on the website will be updated

If a field closure should happen DURING games/practices

- if lightening is within 6 miles, board members will alert umpires (during game) and coaches.  Players and families MUST exit the field and remain in their vehicles.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will individuals be allowed to stand on the field, in dugouts, under ramadas, or under trees.  YOU MUST RETURN TO YOUR VEHICLES.  Then await word from your coaches if you are to either return or leave for the night.  If the game is called due to weather, depending on where the game was, we could return and complete the game.  Please be aware this will NOT always be the case.

- if there is a slight drizzle or sprinkles, practices or games will NOT be cancelled or postponed.  Both will continue on.

- if there is enough rain and wind, we will revert to the same procedure as if we had lightening.

Please understand we take an abundance of caution and watch weather alerts, radar and also take into account what would be a productive practice or game.  Often times you will find that tball and coach pitch may be cancelled but minors/majors will not.  This is due to a number of circumstances.  DVLL will always act in the best interest of the players, families, volunteers and the program.

Always be alert to facebook, the website and your emails.  This is where information will come first.

Thank you!

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