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Aug, 2023

Important Fall Season Information

Thank you for registering for DVLL Fall Ball 2023 Season!
Important Dates:
  • Fall Registration Closes 9/1
  • Team are assigned 9/2
  • Practices begin 9/4
  • Games begin 10/9
  • Season closes 12/8
Things to Remember:
  • Read Parent and Player Codes of Conduct (they will be heavily enforced this Fall)
  • Read the Refund Policy in case you have to request a refund
  • Fall is developmental and prepares the players for the divisions they will play in Spring 2024
  • Coaches will umpire the majority of games (if you have umpire experience or would like to be trained please email [email protected])
  • We may have JUNIOR umpires (youth aged 13+) on our fields calling games - those who heckle, ridicule, bad mouth, intimidate, etc. a Junior Umpire will be ejected and required to fulfill their ejection consequence (prohibited from attending the next game). We are taking it VERY seriously regarding the treatment of umpires. There is a NATIONWIDE shortage and we do NOT want DVLL to experience it any more than we have or have us end up on social media.
  • Fall is a positive environment with players learning the next level of baseball without competition, please remember these are children who are learning and no matter how the game is going, please continue to be positive
What does my child need for this season?
  • Hat
  • Glove
  • Bat (see Bat Rules here)
  • Cleats (required in upper divisions)
  • Protective Gear (ex. protective cup - required for catchers)
  • Water Bottle
Thank you and have a great Season!

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